From the Nurse's Office

A word about over-the-counter medications and your child at school:

Students are not allowed to bring any medications to school and use them independently, whether they are prescribed or over-the-counter (OTC). Board of Education policy 5131.6, the major policy regarding substance use and abuse, includes the following definition on page 1:

For purposes of this policy, "drugs" shall mean:

  1. All dangerous controlled substances as so designated and prohibited in New Jersey statutes; all chemicals, which release toxic vapors as, defined and prohibited in New Jersey.
  2. All alcoholic beverages
  3. All anabolic steroids
  4. Any (and all) prescription drugs/over-the-counter drugs not prescribed to the student; exception, those for which permission for use in school has been granted pursuant to Board policy. The school nurse must administer this medication”.

You are encouraged to read the entire policy on the district website,

If your child needs to take either prescription or over-the-counter medications during the school day, please contact the school nurse, Rose Welyczko at, for instructions on how to accommodate that need.

Please do not allow your child to
carry any OTC medications to school!

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