Teacher and Educational Services Professional of the Year

Teacher and Educational Services Professional of the Year
Photo: (left to right) Barry Bachenheimer, Christine Pollinger, Lorrie Sandhage, and Tim Wieland

We are pleased to announce the 2022-2023 Teachers and Educational Services Professionals of the year for Pascack Hills High Schools! This year, we recognize Ms. Lorrie Sandhage (Pascack Hills Physical Education Teacher) as our Teacher of the Year. Our Educational Service Professionals of the Year is Ms. Marissa Watters (Pascack Hills Learning Disability Teacher Consultant).


When recognizing each teacher and professional in their respective classrooms and offices, students and colleagues shared quotes regarding the nominated recipients. Below are a few of these quotes that best describe the character of the recipients and their impact on our school community.

We congratulate all of this year's recipients for all of their continued efforts to make our district a special place.

Ms. Lorrie Sandhage

Physical Education Teacher

Photo: (left to right) Steve Papa, Barry Bachenheimer, Christine Pollinger, Lorrie Sandhage, Tim Wieland, and Derek Piccini (PHHS)

"Lorrie isn't just teaching physical fitness, she's helping kids be socially and emotionally fit for life. She's making a real difference. "  

"Whether it be actively participating in team sports in the gym, leading workouts in our fitness center, or preparing the students for their DE exam, Lorrie is, and has always been since [her] time at PH, a fantastic teacher, and mentor." 

"Lorrie Sandhage is a voice for our LLD students. She is an advocate for inclusion. She promotes equity in our classes. Lorrie Sandhage is truly the model of “How can I make the lives of my students better today?”


Ms. Marissa Watters

Learning Disability Teacher Consultant

Photo: (left to right) Christine Pollinger, Derek Piccini, Marissa Watters, Tim Wieland, and Barry Bachenheimer (PHHS)

"Marissa goes above and beyond with her students. She is always in contact with me regarding the students' well-being and success in and out of the classroom. She spends many hours making thoughtful connections with her students.  She is a wealth of knowledge to me when I need assistance or guidance dealing with a particular student or situation.  Marissa is kind and patient with all."

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