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 Congratulations to the Pascack Hills Chamber Choir on
winning Gold (First Place) at Boston Worldstride competition,
and being invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in 2019-2020.
Your hard work and dedication have paid off!

 region choir 2018
(Sarah Winston, Amber Leung, Zainah Alizade, Gianna Lucido)

Congratulations to
 Zainah Alizade and Gianna Lucido on their acceptance to the Region I Mixed Choir 
 Amber Leung and Sarah Winston on their acceptance to the Region I Treble Choir.

 BCC kids 2017-18
 Congratulations to
Sarah Winston, Zainah Alzade, John Giardina, Gianna Lucido on
their acceptance to 2017-18 Bergen County Choir! 
Congratulations to Sarah Winston on her acceptance to NJ All-State 2018-19 Treble Chorus!
Sarah will proudly represent Pascack Hills and perform in an ensemble made up of the best singers in the state! 

Congratulations to the new Choir Board Members 2017-18:
Grace Liriano, Julia Schwartz, Gianna Lucido, Serin Mathew 
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