Introduction to Music Through Guitar

Welcome to Introduction to Music Through Guitar

The semester course is open to all students interested in studying music and paying the guitar, regardless of their musical background.  

This course introduces the basic fundamentals of music and guitar playing.


The materials used for study are chosen from a large variety of styles, time periods, levels of complexity and accepted methods for instruction on the instrument.


As a result of taking the guitar program, the student learns to appreciate the joy and, sometimes frustration, of the musical performer. He/she develops an awareness to the tremendous amount of discipline and personal effort that evolves from many hours of practice and rehearsal. He/she experiences physical as well as musical coordination as an individual or in a group. Through the study of many styles, the student learns to respect the technique and creativity of artists of many diverse expressions of musical performance.


Generally, the course is taught in group classes, with individual instruction inserted as the need develops. Periods of time for individual practice are scheduled within the framework of the course after the introduction of new materials. Additional “at home” practice is expected of all students enrolled.



Classroom participation and cooperation 60% 
Parts check / tests 40% 
Total 100%